Q4 Newbridge Lake

Eliminator - 27/04/2018

This is a beautiful venue. It is full of ghosties and as they are very prominent in this fishery we do allow these fish to count.
Newbridge Lake is one of the Premier Lakes in the North of England. Nearly 7 acres in size and surrounded by 8 acres of picturesque woodland.
It is stocked with approx. 1000 carp. 95% of these are double figure. Over 100 are over 20lb with at least 8 different 30lb+ carp

Michelle will provide food to the bank side if she is notified the afternoon before hand.

Toilets on site.

Lake records for the carp are:-

Common carp 36lb 2oz, Mirror carp 30lb 4oz, Ghost carp 33lb 11oz

  • Size of Lake 7 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £20 for 24 hours
  • Fish Stock Good stock of mirrors and commons
  • Biggest Fish 36lb 2oz common
  • Features Margins, Island
  • Telephone 07817 058054
  • Visit Venue Website
Newbridge Lakes 2018

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

This match was another victim of our unpredictable British weather. Friday produced only two fish, which was good considering the very cool air temperature and the fact that it rained continuously introducing even more cold water into a lake which was far from warm in the first place.

Saturday faired rather better and the rain abated apart from the odd shower. There was still a cold wind but at least seven fish graced the bank. By the time darkness came we had six pegs on the scoreboard. There were two more fish out Sunday which decided the three qualifying places for the final. Lee Bateman and Alan Shooter in peg 4, along with father and son duo, Shane and Lee Fletcher in peg 8 registered fish on Friday and Saturday morning and were in first and second place. Just before 9pm Saturday, Micah Judah and Jonathan Fisher in peg 5, called to say they had a small one that they thought was a weigher. By the time I got to the peg they had 2 fish on the bank. The first was 5lb 9oz and the second 15lb 11oz putting them in third place behind 4 and 8.

On Sunday morning the Fletchers brought the biggest fish of the weekend to the scales, a 22lb 4oz ghostie common, which gave them the lead and pushed Lee and Alan down to second. With a little over two hours of this event remaining, Micah and Jonathan had their third fish which moved them up into second and the guys from peg 4 down to third. This left them a little nervous as they had dropped a few fish during the match. The Fletchers were also looking over their shoulders as they were only in the lead by a pound and a half. They needn’t have worried as there were no more fish out before the hooter at noon ended the match.

There was a charity match on the lake at the weekend before ours and forty` fish came out including a 30lb +. I believe the majority of them were caught on the surface due to the summer like conditions. What a difference a week makes !

Shane and Lee Fletcher came third out of the draw bag and selected peg 8 where they won with three fish for a total of 49lb. The first was caught on a zig and the other two on snowman rigs in the near margin. Micah Judah and Jonathan Fisher came out last in the draw and ended up in peg 5 through no choice of their own.  However they managed three fish for a total of 37 and a half pounds and took runners up spot. All three fish fell to adjustable zigs which took them until Saturday night to determine the correct depth. Third place was taken by  new boys to the carp match scene, Lee Bateman and Alan Shooter in peg 4, they came 6th out of the draw bag and ended up with two fish for 28lb 14oz. The first on a zig in open water and the second to the far margin tree line with a popup. This method seemed to work as they had several takes but only managed to land the one.

Brothers Darren and Dean Queen in peg 2 had one fish for 17lb 5oz. Dan Robson and Darren Godman in peg 7 also had one fish for 16lb 2oz. Liam Severn and David Staniforth in peg 6 took the final place on the scoreboard with 14lb 6oz. Wayne Finlay fishing on his own as his partner couldn’t make it gave it his best shot all weekend in difficult circumstances, but unfortunately ended up fishless as did Jack Lamb and Brian Byford. Although in amongst the Bream they caught they did manage one carp which was just under the minimum 5lb weight requirement.

The usual favoured pegs at this venue didn’t even make the podium on this occasion. Only two of the pairs didn’t catch and we had a total of 11 fish out during the competition.

David Staniforth – Liam Severn 14lb 6oz

Dan Robson 16lb 2oz – Darren Godman

Darren Queen – Dean Queen 17lb 5oz

Alan Shooter 15lb 13oz – Lee Bateman

Jonathan Fisher – Micah Judah 16lb 4oz

Lee Fletcher 22lb 4oz – Shane Fletcher

L-R 3rd Lee Bateman-Alan Shooter. 2nd Jonathan Fisher-Micah Judah, 1st Shane Fletcher-Lee Fletcher