Q8 Thorney Weir

Eliminator - 22/06/2018

Thorney Weir is a beautiful lake of 17.5 acres lined with mature trees and offering a great many features to fish to, including islands both large and small, sunken barges, plateaus, gravel bars, and weed beds.
Four carp have been banked over the 40lb mark with ‘Chubbers’ (published in Carp Talk, May 2000) regularly weighing in at 46lb+, and there are at least 25 thirties in the lake with some fantastic looking scaled fish among these. The big Ghostie has been banked twice that we know of at over 37lb. All of which are backed up by a large head of twenties and many double figure carp.
There is a toilet on site.

  • Size of Lake 17.5 acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £20 for 24 hours
  • Fish Stock Doubles, 20s, 30s and 40s
  • Biggest Fish 46lb+
  • Features Margins, islands, bars
  • Telephone 07931 255897
  • Visit Venue Website
Thorney Weir 2018

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

With the extremely hot temperatures we have been experiencing lately it was not looking very favourable for daytime catches. This was evident as it took over 12 hours for the first fish to make an appearance just after midnight. Simon Bury and partner Jaye Carpmail caught it then followed it up with 2 more before breakfast Saturday putting them in an early lead on 50lb 5oz. Also taking advantage of the morning feeding spell were father and son duo David and Matt Barlow who had a brace of 20’s taking their tally to 47lb 9oz.

Daylight Saturday was just the same as Friday, hot, still and fishless. The night followed the same pattern too as Mark Strevens and Matt Hickman woke me from my slumber as they banked a 21lb+ common, which gave us a top three on the scoreboard. Not long after, Simon and Jaye had two more which took them to just over the 80lb mark. Now out in front due to a better stamp of fish were David and Matt who took the victory with 4 fish for 80lb 15oz. Darryll Boden and Stuart Sturton caught a peach of a mirror to give them fourth place.

Although there were only 11 fish caught, six of them were 20lb+, one 19lb+, three were doubles and the last was a single. The margin between winners and runners up was a mere 13oz but the difference between 3rd and 4th was only one ounce. That’s the second time this year where we had a one ounce gap in a podium position. David and Matt did extremely well to reign victorious and take their place in the final considering they came out 10th in the draw. Jaye and Simon on the other hand were the opposite end of the scale as they came 2nd out of the draw bag and their choice affirmed their water craft skills.

Sunday was a great day as we got the news from Thorpe Lea fishery 13 miles down the road that the England Ladies Carp Team had been victorious in their Tri-nations match against Wales and Holland. A short time after the England football team beat Panama 6-1 in the world cup. Happy Days.

Stuart Sturton 21lb 3oz – Darryll Boden

Matt Hickman 21lb 4oz – Mark Strevens

Jaye Carpmail – Simon Bury 20lb 12oz

David Barlow 20lb 13oz – Matt Barlow 12lb 9oz

L-R 3rd Mark Strevens – Matt Hickman. 1st David Barlow – Matt Barlow. 2nd Simon Bury – Jaye Carpmail