Q9 Kingsbury Pine Pool 2

Eliminator - 06/07/2018

Dug in 2008 Little Hayes specimen lake is set to open June 2010. The lake 6 acres in size and stocked with around 550 carp made up of a good mixture of mirrors and commons ranging between 10 and 30lb. There are a total of 15 well spaced wood chipped swims which can be accessed from the stone track that goes all the way around the lake. The bottom of the lake is clay with an average depth 6ft going down to 9ft at the deepest point.

There is a large tackle shop on site where snacks and drinks can be bought. There is a toilet and shower block at near the tackle shop and also toilets down at the lakes.

Todber Manor Fisheries, Manor Farm, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1JB

  • Size of Lake 6 Acres
  • Type of Lake Day Ticket
  • Ticket Cost £12 Day £24 / 24 hours
  • Fish Stock 700 10-31lb
  • Biggest Fish 31lb+
  • Features Islands
  • Telephone 01258 820 384
  • Visit Venue Website
Todber Manor, Little Hayes 2019

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

Qualifier 9 was originally on Branston Water Park but due to recent weather conditions causing an explosive weed growth it was moved to Pine Pool. This match followed the same pattern as Qualifier 8 at Thorney Weir with no fish out until after dark and the bites drying up before breakfast. Unlike previous qualifiers on here, the fish seemed evenly spread throughout all area’s.

To get a podium some pairs tried slightly differing approaches to get bites which proved to be the difference in this one. Darren Pearse and Levi Letchford came out half way through the draw in sixth place and picked peg 8. They spodded and then waited for the fish to arrive. It worked as they had five fish for 86lb 5oz, a catch which had a couple of nice 20’s mixed in to help boost their weight and take the victory.

In contrast Mick Ledger and Dan Moorcroft came out of the draw bag in first place and picked the ever popular reeds peg 10. They finished on 85lb 7oz but had to work alot harder for it by catching eight fish, the biggest was only a smidge over 14lb. This however was enough to give them runner up spot. Third place was a different story with at least eight pairs still in the running on Sunday morning and only requiring a decent fish to take the final qualifying position. In the end it went to Tim Hickinbottom and Rich Beardmore who had four fish for 44lb 7oz followed closely by brothers Matt and Adam Wyld with two fish for 41lb 14oz. One of these weighed 26lb 10oz and was the biggest of the weekend. It was very tight between the rest of the pairings and only one peg failed to weigh fish, but even they had hooked and lost some.

Overall we had 28 fish caught for a combined weight of 216lb, with an average of approx 15lb per fish. This comprised of 6 x 20lb+, 16 x doubles and 6 x singles. Considering the conditions we did not feel this was a bad return.

We are almost at the end now with just one qualifier remaining which will produce the last three pairs for the October final at Barston.

Dan Holliday 13lb 5oz – Sam Morgan

Jason Verney – Mark Jarvis 14lb 4oz

Dean Queen-Darren Queen 22lb

Karl Palmer 24lb 9oz – Callum Gutteridge

Mark Faulkner 16lb 9oz – Adrian Smith

Mark Hardcastle – Kevin McConnell 26lb 14oz

Steven Langton – Gaz Broadhurst 13lb 6oz

Matt Wyld – Adam Wyld 26lb 10oz

Rich Beardmore 14lb 11oz – Tim Hickinbottom 11lb

Mick Ledger 11lb 14oz – Dan Moorcroft 14lb 2oz

Darren Pearse 17lb 1oz – Levi Letchford 24lb 3oz

L-R 1st Darren Pearse-Levi Letchford 2nd Dan Moorcroft-Mick Ledger 3rd Tim Hickinbotton-Rich Beardmore