Q10 Wyreside Sunny 2

Eliminator - 03/08/2018

The Fishery is situated on the Duchy of Lancaster’s Wyreside Estate.

Originally our trout water, yet carp have resided in this lake since 1984. In October 2004, 100 carp were introduced between 11 and 25lbs. The original carp have grown, although sizes are yet unknown in this relatively new lake. The top weight now stands at 32.10lbs (common carp).
SUNNY 2 has a small island and quite a lot of open water. Both average depths between 5 to 8ft. Margins are definitely worth fishing.
HOT SPOTS – Again can be wind direction dependant. Corner swims always seem to hold the fish, for example, pegs 9, 14, 15 on Sunny 2 and pegs 8 and 9 on Sunny 1.
ACCESSIBILTIY –Good. 2 Car parks and parking behind all roadside swims.

There is a bar & restaurant, so you don't even have to pack any food supplies, we can even deliver it to your door (bivvy) step.

  • Size of Lake 10.9 acres
  • Type of Lake Carp
  • Fish Stock Head of 250
  • Biggest Fish 32lb+
  • Features Island, margins
  • Telephone 01524 792093
  • Visit Venue Website
Wyreside - Sunny 2

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For the second time in a row we had to replace a venue. This time it was moved from Clear Water Fisheries, Carnforth, a short distance down the M6 to Wyreside Fisheries on Sunny 2. This is a venue we used a couple of year’s ago for out televised Northern Carp Cup Final. After a long year of events, we have arrived at qualifier 10 which will give us the last three pairs for our British Carp Cup Final at Barston, the first weekend of October.

Out of the 12 teams of competitors only three did not register fish. There were 30 carp caught for a combined weight of over 455lb which equates to an average of just short of 16lb per fish.

Ten of those fish were banked by Mark Sawyer and Simon Wheeler, who despite coming out 8th in the watercraft draw managed to take the victory from end peg 5 on the road bank. Amongst their fish was a nice 28lb 11oz mirror which was the biggest of the match.

Runners up spot was taken by Shaun Atkinson in peg 6. He came out of the draw bag in 4th place and selected his peg. By 6am Sunday Shaun had not caught and looked out of it, but in a late flurry it all came good as he managed to land 6 fish in less than three hours. Considering he was a lone angler due to partner Gary Elliott being on holiday it made it even more of an achievement.

The third place was taken by Lee Simms and Sean Dulson in peg 11 who were the first pair to catch at 11:35 pm on Friday night. Approaching this point I was slightly concerned that almost a quarter of the match had gone and I had not weighed a fish. I needn’t have worried though because following the first one the flood gates opened and I was kept busy for the remainder of the contest. Lee and Sean added three more fish to finish with 58lb 6oz.

Ste Alford and Dean Crust also had a good Sunday morning putting three fish on the scales for 39lb 10oz.

Phil Bury and Phil Higgins were next with 2 fish for 38lb 15oz followed by Scott Green and Chris Kirk who also had 2 fish which weighed 30lb 3oz. It was a tight affair Sunday morning with fish being lost here and there.Just one more fish from a variety of pegs around the lake would have changed the whole complexion of the leader board significantly. However as there was no more action after 9:15 am the result stood and we had our complete 30 pair line up for the new look British Carp Cup Final at Barston Lakes in the west Midlands. I for one cannot wait to see how that pans out.

Chris Kirk 17lb 1oz – Scott Green

Christian Hughes – Lee Ackerley 15lb 9oz

Dean Crust 11lb 12oz – Ste Alford 12lb 7oz

Jack Lamb 12lb 12oz – Brian Byford

Jason Monk – Chris Donovan 16lb 1oz

Lee Simms – Sean Dulson 19lb 8oz

Simon Wheeler – Mark Sawyer 28lb 11oz

Phil Bury – Phil Higgins 21lb 2oz

Shaun Atkinson 13lb 14oz

L-R 3rd Sean Dulson, Lee Simms 1st Simon Wheeler, Mark Sawyer 3rd Shaun Atkinson, (Gaz Elliott)