Barston Final

Final - 05/10/2018

Barston is one of those incredibly prolific carp / match venues that, in the right conditions and on the right day, can produce massive weights. Indeed it is one of only 4 venues in the country to be in the 1000lb club during an official competition; the others being the famous Drayton Reservoir, Thorpe Lea, and Elphicks North Lake. For this qualifier we split the lake into 3 sections of 10 anglers with the top three weights in each section proceeding to the final.
2014 Midlands Qualifier saw Steve Blow and Rob Burgess nearly break the carp match record on here. They were 60lb odd short. Wonder if anyone can do it this year.
Anglers are allowed to use the golf clubhouse which means we have some of the best catering facilities located at a fishery in the country. There is a bar open from 7am, food available at all times to eat in or takeaway, and toilets and showers available. Please bear in mind other users of the clubhouse and we respectfully ask you to remove any outerwear which may have been in contact with fish before going into the clubhouse. Also if any weddings on please keep out of he function room.
As you will all know now this final will be scored by the Best 5 fish caught for each pair in the 48 hours. This cuts out any peginess on the lake and gives everyone a fair chance.

  • Size of Lake 25 acres
  • Type of Lake Day ticket
  • Ticket Cost £8.50 Night fishing members only
  • Fish Stock Huge stock of growing fish
  • Biggest Fish 35lb+
  • Features Margins, islands, silt
  • Telephone 01675 444890
  • Visit Venue Website
Barston Lake 2018

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Pre Match Report

Post Match Report

This final surpassed our expectations and the feedback from the competing anglers and their runners, along with the media was all really positive. The out of the bag draw coupled with the five best fish worked extremely well. It was one of the most exciting finishes we have ever had in a British Carp Cup final.

On the last morning even I didn’t know which order the top two were in, let alone the rest of the field. After collating all the marshal sheets and double checking there was only 3 ounces between first and second places. In the end Jaye Carpmail and Simon Bury took the honours and became the 2018 champions. Winning the £15,000 top prize, personalised Reuben Heaton Scales and 30kg from Cheshire Particle. They were closely followed by Luke Church and Jason Adams who won £5,000 and 20kg from Cheshire Particle. Third were Steven Brown and Wesley Prestage with £2,000 and 10kg from Cheshire Particle and the fourth and final podium spot went to last year’s champions, Richie Collins and Kevin Locke which showed a nice bit of consistency as there was only 6 pound separating the top four pairs. They walked away with £1,000 and 5kg from Cheshire Particle.

The same format is going to be repeated next year with the draw taking place on the stage in Barston’s restaurant following a sit down meal for all competitors and BCC officials. There may be some alterations to the pegging and more importantly a significant date change. We have now secured Barston as the venue for the British Carp Cup final for the next two years where it will take place on August bank holiday.

We were all very happy with this years event as all 30 pegs registered fish on their sheets. It was a bit of a gamble to decide it the way we did but we are so pleased with the outcome as none of the so called flyer pegs made a podium appearance. This is in sharp contrast to what was being said on social media in the week leading up to the final.

Various anglers gave their opinions on which pegs would make the podium but as I recall no-one called it correctly. The final result proved the new format was one of the fairest ways to decide the 2018 champions. Watch it on BT Sport or our YouTube channel and see for yourselves. Barston is a great venue for this event as it has everything required to host a major carp angling final. Come along next year and watch the event unfold if you are not competing.

Lee Bateman and Alan Shooter

Ricky and Billy Dummer

Daniel Price and Cliff Kemp

Dan Adshead

Dan Moorcroft and Mick Ledger

Levi Letchford and Darren Pearse

Jerome Brown and Scott Head

John Bowman

Kevin Greenwood and Terry Overend

Lee May and Paul Michael Smith

Luke Church and Jason Adams

Mark Renwick and Harrison Ashby

Mark Sawyer and Simon Wheeler

Natalie Quint and Kevin Grout

Paula Marriott and Darren Pace

Rich Beardmore and Tim Hickinbottom

Richie Collins and Kevin Locke

Sean Dulson and Lee Simms

Shane and Lee Fletcher

Shaun Atkinson and Gaz Elliott

Simon Bury and Jaye Carpmail

Steve Carrie and NIck Davies

Tony Reynolds and Ashley Izzard

Wesley Prestage and Steven Brown

L-R 4th Richie Collins-Kevin Locke 3rd Steven Brown-Wesley Prestage Winner Jaye Carpmail 2nd Luke Church-Jason Adams Winner Simon Bury