- 12/04/2017

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Pre Match Report

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As there are cat fish in this lake and a few had been coming out recently we decided to have a little side competition for the biggest cat fish to add a little bit of fun. The first day produced 10 fish between four pegs. By midnight, we had a top three of Lee Simms and Sean Dulson. Just 6lb behind were Mark Sawyer and Simon Wheeler and in third was Tony Reynolds who was fishing on his own for this event as usual partner Ashley Izzard had double booked.

Saturday morning saw the top two stay in the same positions whilst adding five more fish between them. Jack Lamb and Brian Byford in peg 4 put 45lb on the scales to move them into third place. Tudor Popovici and Alexandru Zlampa came onto the scoreboard with a fish. The second half of Saturday was the busiest period of the whole event with 15 fish coming out in total. Following this feeding frenzy all six pairs were now on the scoreboard, but the biggest movers were Tudor and Alex in peg 6 as they now had 6 fish and were on over 100lb taking them comfortably into 2nd place. The fight for third place was now hotting up as Jack and Brian were only 1 small fish adrift.

Sunday morning saw only 1 pair catch before the final hooter. Tudor and Alex added another 2 fish to give them a total of 140lb+ and cement their runners up spot. Lee and Sean won with over 250lb while Mark Sawyer and Simon Wheeler hung on to take third place. Jack and Brian missed out on qualification by a mere 8lb, but they did win the other competition with a brace of cat fish for an approximate 66lb.

We had a total of over 656lb caught during the event, which gave us an average of 15lb+ for the 43 fish caught. It’s the first time we have used this lake in our events but we had an enjoyable weekend and we will definitely be back next year.

Tony Reynolds 15lb 7oz

Paul Warrillow 19lb 7oz – Michael Warrillow 22lb 2oz

Brian Byford 12lb 9oz – Jack Lamb 17lb

Simon Wheeler 20lb 13oz – Mark Sawyer 13lb 12oz

Tudor Popovici 18lb 11oz – Alexandru Zlampa 18lb 7oz

Lee Simms 16lb – Sean Dulson 18lb 3oz

L-R 2nd place Tudor Popovici – Alexandru Zlampa, 1st Sean Dulson – Lee Simms, 3rd Simon Wheeler – Mark Sawyer