- 31/05/2017

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Poolbridge Q Lake was run for us by Kieran McDonnell. He has very kindly done the write up as well. Many thanks Kieran.

Although it wasn’t quite as prolific as past years, Pool Bridge Farm still proved to be a very entertaining and exciting match venue. Based in North Yorkshire, it offers a very unique experience for competitors as the anglers actually fish out from the lake’s island towards the far margin. The bridge that connects the island and mainland is what gives it its quirky name Q lake. The lake boasts 13 pegs, making it ideal for our 12 pair qualifier. It holds a good stock of carp with averages being around the mid to upper double mark, with plenty of twenties and even a few thirties to go at.

As always at Q the draw ended up being an interesting affair, with many people having different ideas of where was best to go, but after the draw the mood changed and it was down to business for our pairs. The baiting and marking hooter soon came around at 11am and many pairs opted to mark around trying their best to find little spots in the weedy venue. Some decided to play the quiet approach by sitting on their hands and leaving their water untouched, the tactical games had well and truly begun. The 12pm hooter soon sounded and it was all in for our competitors.

Whether it was down the indecisive weather conditions, or the fact that some of the lakes residents were starting to think about things other than eating. It was nearly six hours before we had our first fish! It was the Queen brothers in peg 7 that caught the first fish and just like London buses fifteen minutes later they’d had another one in the wet. Those carp weighing 9.07lbs and 19.08lbs respectively, putting them into the lead. It was another good few hours before another pair caught and it was just on the hour of dusk when Colin Scott and our reigning champion Jaye Carpmail in peg 10 chipped in with a lovely dark mid double mirror.

As the night drew in there was a genuine feel of disbelief around the lake, as it was very unlike Q to fish so slowly, let alone have only two pairs on the scoreboard in the first 12 hours! It wouldn’t be until 7am before the next fish would come out and it was Wayne Reed and Leon Woodcock in peg 8 who ensured no cast off would take place in the shape of a 16.01lb clean mirror. As pairs stirred around the lake the general consensus was although there had been a few lost fish in the weed and a couple of catfish, the fish were very much playing hard ball.

However, over the next few hours there was a flurry of fish coming out from across the lake. The Queen brothers in peg 7 and Jaye and Colin in peg 10 were battling for first position, whilst under the radar, Cliff Kemp and Dan Price in peg 12 were quietly putting a few fish on the bank putting them into the mix for podium places. By late afternoon six pairs had caught and the competition was really hotting up.

As darkness drew in and Tottenham and Liverpool played out a largely underwhelming champions league final. Alex Ridehalgh and Lee Smith in peg 4 had ideas of doing what Tottenham couldn’t do…a great comeback. They put two decent fish on the bank including the matches first twenty, meaning they were very much in the ascendancy going into the second night. As the lake settled down, Cliff and Dan added another fish to their total putting them into first place and marking a very good end to the day for the pair.

In what turned out to be a night of upsets and shocks, as Anthony Joshua was usurped by the unlikely Andy Ruiz in the boxing. Steve Carrie and Nick Davies in peg 9, who had come out last in the draw, got in on the action in the early hours of the morning with a low double fish. Jaye and Colin added a couple of fish to consolidate their second position and shortly after dawn the lads in peg 4 had landed a third fish putting them a couple of pounds behind the Queen brothers who were holding onto third place.

As the morning sun came over the lake, Steve and Nick banked another fish and this time it was significantly bigger. Out of all the times to catch a mid-twenty carp this has got to be the time! It incredibly put the pair one mid double fish behind third place, with only a couple of hours of the competition left. There was a blanket of tension over the lake as there were still several pairs fighting it out for third place and it really was anyone’s for the taking. That anyone turned out to be the comeback kings in Steve and Nick, who in the final hour landed an upper double fish to put them into third place by just over two pounds. It was elation for those two as the final hooter sounded and sheer heartbreak for the poor Queen brothers who had been in the top three since the start of the match.

That was the conclusion to our qualifier at Pool Bridge Farm and congratulations Cliff Kemp and Dan Price who won the qualifier, in what is largely regarded as an unfancied swim. Jaye Carpmail and Colin Scott for working extremely hard to finish second and to Steve Carrie and Nick Davies, who despite coming out last in the bag and not catching until the last quarter of the match, put on an amazing comeback to come from absolutely nowhere to take the final qualifying spot. They will all go into our final at Barston Lakes where they will compete for the 15k jackpot.

Alex Ridehalgh 21lb 1oz – Lee Smith

Darren Queen 19lb 8oz – Dean Queen

Darren Wilcox – Jason Trought 17lb 5oz

Colin Scott 19lb 10oz – Jaye Carpmail

Wayne Reed 16lb 1oz – Leon Woodcock

Cliff Kemp 12lb – Dan Price

L-R 3rd Nick Davies-Steve Carrie, 1st Cliff Kemp-Dan Price, 2nd Jaye Carpmail-Colin Scott