Tyram Fisheries

Eliminator - 01/04/2016

Tyram Fisheries has for many years been a family run business.
The facilities are excellent with onsite toilets and a cafe. Many of the pegs nearest to the parking areas have been designed with the disabled angler in mind.

The Members only Carp Lake at 6.5 acres holds the biggest fish on the complex with Carp to 40lb, the majority of fish are over 20lb. This lake has many features form raised bars to deep holes, consisting of 2 islands, lots of pads and reeds and with weedy areas along the old road and shallow bars. This water does suffer with heavy weed during the warmer times of the year and this is why we decided to have the match early in the year. Boilies take the majority of the big Carp on these waters. Liaison with the bailiff prior to turning up will put you on to the right brand that is doing well at the time of the visit. Floating baits also take their fair number of fish during the summer months. Towards the back end make them personalised with flavours and colours to get the best results. All in all a carp anglers dream, with lots of margin fishing and bar work.


  • Size of Lake 6.5 acres
  • Type of Lake Syndicate
  • Ticket Cost N/A
  • Fish Stock Majority over 20lb
  • Biggest Fish Up to 40lb
  • Features Islands, pads, reeds
  • Telephone 01302 840886
  • Visit Venue Website
Tyram Fisheries 2016

Competitor List

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Pre Match Report

It was a pleasure to be back at this top Northern syndicate water for the third successive year. We had eight pairs on this event. Pete Robinson and Tim Tyler were representing Carping4Heroes, with Paul Monkman and Alan Atkinson fishing for Phat Fish in our new team competition. There are some cracking fish in this venue and unless you are a syndicate member you would normally not be allowed to fish it other than in a competition.

Tyram Pegging

Post Match Report

The match got under way at noon Friday but it took almost three hours before the first fish graced the bank. It was a mirror of 17lb 4oz caught by Marc Johnson and Jamie Price in peg 5. It was a quiet evening and night with no more fish until just before dawn, when Gaz Elliott and Shaun Atkinson brought in a 17lb mirror to even things up. We had a good downpour for most of the day with nothing more being caught. As soon as the rain stopped it was as if someone had flipped a switch and the fish started biting again. We had 6 fish in a little over an hour and a half. The biggest specimen being a known A team member  Cluster at a weight of 36lb 10oz to Marc and Jamie putting them firmly in the driving seat, followed by another back up fish of 19lb 5oz to further consolidate their lead. Gaz and Shaun in peg 7 had another of Tyrams A team fish at 29lb 12oz. Mean while Paul and Alan in peg 4 came onto the scoreboard with a 17lb 7oz common, along with last years British Carp Cup winner Daniel Holliday fishing this year with Andy Goodall, who caught fish of 14lb 10oz and 18lb 4oz during this feeding spell.

The final fish of that frenzy came at around 7:30pm and we thought we were in for a busy night, but as quickly as the action had started it stopped in just the same way. Only one more fish got put on the scales just after midnight, and it turned out to be a very important catch, as it put the 2013 Northern Carp Cup winners Paul Monkman and Alan Atkinson into the final at Wyreside Sunny 2 in August and also gave them valuable team points for Phat Fish. This was at the expense of Daniel and Andy, who were pushed back to fourth.

Marc Johnson with Cluster 36lb 10oz

Marc Johnson with Cluster 36lb 10oz

Shaun Atkinson-Gaz Elliott 29lb 12oz (3)

Shaun Atkinson-Gaz Elliott 29lb 12oz (3)

Daniel Holliday-Andy Goodall 14lb 10oz

F Andy Goodall-Daniel Holliday 14lb 10oz

Alan Atkinson-Paul Monkman 17lb 7oz

F Alan Atkinson-Paul Monkman 17lb 7oz

1st place Marc Johnson-Jamie Price.

F 1st place Marc Johnson-Jamie Price.

2nd place Shaun Atkinson-Gaz Elliott

F 2nd place Shaun Atkinson-Gaz Elliott

3rd place Alan Atkinson-Paul Monkman

F 3rd place Alan Atkinson-Paul Monkman